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Policy and Disclosure Our Google Chrome Extension FindIT collects only the user email address to be used as a means of communication between the extension and information requested by a users' intentional interaction with our application. This data is not stored with Short's Travel Management or on its infrastructure or communicated to Short's Travel Management or any 3rd parties. Through purposeful and disclosed user interaction an email is sent to that address. Our Extension does utilize local storage within the Chrome profile of the user who signs up and intentionally enters their information into our Chrome extension. No other profile or user data is collected in the course of the applications usage. All additional information needed to perform functions are sourced from the user's submission of generic information from their browsing that has been submitted again intentionally for use to provide the user knowledgeable feedback. This is done through an email generated at the user's request. No other data is collected from the FindIT Chrome Extension or sent, stored or communicated with any 3rd parties (aka. Marketing or Market Research Groups or any other analytical or marketing parties). All information is private and removed upon the applications removal from the user's system (Chrome). Any questions or concerns relating to the Security or Privacy please contact our Security and Compliance department at secops@shortstravel.com
Short's Travel Management's Privacy Policy Regarding FindIT Chrome Extension